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Planning A Wedding Post COVID? Check Out These Tips

The outbreak of COVID-19 is creating a devastating impact on each and every sector such as businesses, restaurants, corporate sectors, banking, and travel. As long as the novel coronavirus outbreak will unfold, there will be a grieving impact on the way weddings would be planned. It has been predicted that the modern wedding industry will face an unprecedented challenge and the couples would look to downscale their celebrations. Coronavirus has literally affected each one of us by changing our lives, our routine, our work culture, and whatnot. Among all this, it is really disheartening to know that couples have to postpone their wedding due to lockdown.

Taking The Right Action Post COVID-19:

Couples who had planned their wedding in the year 2020 are facing a lot of challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. But this is not the time to sit and grieve about it rather than plan for a wedding that would take place once the coronavirus subsides. Most couples have decided to postpone the wedding and are wondering how to plan it after the COVID-19 outbreak. Here are some tips that may help you:

Planning A Wedding Post COVID? Check Out These Tips

Rescheduling of The Wedding Dates:

It is advised by the expert wedding planners to reschedule the wedding dates at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year to be on the safer side. Also, the couple must understand not to fix anything until the lockdown is lifted completely and people can move freely. Considering the current scenario, it is very essential to be practical while choosing the next date for the wedding. Even post-COVID-19 there would be a need to maintain social distancing to break the chain of coronavirus. Therefore, you might not be allowed to have huge social gatherings at your wedding. You must try to confirm a date and book a venue only after things have settled down.

Plan A Local Wedding Instead Of Destination Wedding:

Well, you are aware that it is not advisable to travel even after the COVID-19 is over. Therefore, you must plan your wedding in your local vicinity rather than travelling to a different place for a destination wedding. Even your guests would have to travel and it would be unsafe for everyone.

You Must Host Intimate Weddings:

It is assumed that social distancing would be applicable even after the COVID-19. Hence it would be essential to protect your guests and yourself and consider arranging an intimate wedding. Even the intimate wedding can be as stunning as you imagined it to be with proper planning. This would be the best way to make your wedding look elegant and simple. While planning an intimate wedding you must also watch out for the guests’ list. Moreover, it is important to cut short the number of functions and ceremonies if you actually wish to have an intimate wedding.

Make Use Of E-Invitations Instead Of Wedding Cards:

Planning a wedding post-COVID-19 has to be a close affair. In such scenarios, distributing wedding cards would take a lot of time as you have to go to their respective places, which would not at all be a safe option. Then what would be the alternative? In the digital era, sending an e-invite could be the best possible option. You can easily send these e-invites through mail-id or through WhatsApp.

Try To Make A Personal Connection With Those Uninvited.

Once you are ready with a shortlisted number of guests, you must make sure that the uninvited guests must not feel left out. You must step ahead to make personal phone calls or try to connect with the people who will be uninvited. Getting the message about it from you personally with an explanation will make the news easier to swallow. A wedding is a special occasion not just for the couples but also for the guests so it is not recommended to send out a mass email, as this may cause some more sensitive people in your life to feel slighted. You can try to blend the information with some live-streaming videos of your event or some other way where they can feel involved without actually being present.

Having a Wedding Getaway At the Farmhouse:

This sounds really interesting, isn’t it? At the farmhouse, you can simply arrange 2 to 3 functions only with close family members and friends. It would be to celebrate your big day with your loved ones. This way you can ensure the safety and security of the guests and follow the COVID-19 guidelines.


Well, these are some basic things which you must consider while planning a wedding post-COVID-19 outbreak. It is better to be prepared in advance as you never know what would happen within the next 6 months or the coming year. It would be helpful for you to stop fussing over the wedding being postponed rather than start planning for it.