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Build Your Own Corporate Package

Building your own custom package is as easy as ABC

Of course! Provided there is enough time before your proposal date when you book, you can have two photographers capturing your proposal, minimising the chances of general public interfering with the footage and providing you with two viewpoints!

Build Your Own Corporate Package

Please note your booking is not confirmed until inLight Studios receive your deposit. Payment details will be included in your invoice.


Having an event and our packages just don’t provide everything you need? You can completely build your own event packages from scratch to cater for everything you need. Reach out to us today or check the Build Your Own Package page here.

In many ways, employee events and promotional events are similar. Your goal is ultimately to keep your guests entertained and satisfied, thereby showing them that they were right to be involved with your company. However, we bring a unique spin to each and every event we plan. Product launch and branding events need to showcase your company and the unique product(s) you offer, whereas employee appreciation events are about team building as much as anything else. With our years of experience, we know how to make every corporate event true to its purpose.

Branding is one of the most important parts of any marketing plan. Our branding events are specially designed to keep your brand front and center. In the past, we have created branded objects out of light up letters, photo booths, wall projections, and anything else that was available given the venue and catering choices. Once you decide on what elements you want at your promotional event, we’ll make sure your brand is visible everywhere.

We’re so glad you asked! Planning great holiday parties is what we do! While we can’t tell you what your party should look like without speaking to you, we can tell you some elements that make for a great party. It starts with delicious food and drinks, continues with world-class entertainment, and ends with your employees thanking you for a fantastic time. For an extra-special time, ask us about the exclusive venues we can book for you in your area. After all, sometimes the best part about an office party is getting out of the actual office.

The short answer is yes, with one major caveat: your theme does not have to turn your event into a theme party. In fact, most of the time that’s exactly the opposite of the atmosphere you’re trying to create. While a western theme might be great for a company picnic, it would hardly be appropriate for a product promotion (in most cases). When we say that every event should have a theme, we mean there should be a clear idea of the purpose of every event, which informs the theme. The food, décor, entertainment, and every other element of your corporate event should be in the service of the event’s purpose. These elements combine to form your corporate event theme.

We highly recommend it, you will have photos of everyone from the event in high resolution beautiful images for life. However, it all depends on quality and consistency of images you require. We don’t recommend using a mobile phone or an amateur who may not have all the gear, knowledge and experience. It’s all depending on light and type of event. Our top photographers in Sydney will produce consist high quality results for your event.

As well as professional event photography coverage we provide an all-inclusive event videography service! Event videography varies from event after movies, short films and longer videos. It really depends on the type of event. Contact us today and we can run through what you may and may not need!

We also offer all different types of Photo Booths packages with add ons and optional extras! Unlimited sessions, prints, fun props, backdrops and even flower walls can be included. A standard backdrop can be included or you can choose a flower wall or other background. All our photo booths as standard do GIFs, Boomerangs, Photos and Videos!

We have public liability insurance for 20 million Australian dollars. A lot of venues, vendors and locations require this.

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