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Wedding Candle & Wedding Candle Holders

Why hello! Welcome to inLight Studios props, where we have on display our vast array of event props. Specifically made for the best of events, our artisan props are cultivated here in the heart of Sydney. Our Pillar Candles are available for hire and are the perfect finishing touch for your decorative candle displays.  They’re ideal for having any candle lit events.  Due to the special design of these Pillar Candles, they are appropriate for both inside and outside decorations. Our original burning candles and LED Pillar Candles have a soft wax coating.  Reach out to our team today to see how we can customise your event!

Candle Hire & Glass Candle Pillar Hire

10cmw x 15cmh

$4.00 ea

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10cmw x 25cmh

$4.50 ea

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10cmw x 30cmh

$5.00 ea

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10cmw x 40cmh

$6.00 ea

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7cmw x 10cmh

$4.50 ea

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7cmw x 15cmh

$5.50 ea

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7cmw x 20cmh

$6.50 ea

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7.5cmw x 12.5cmh

$6.00 ea

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7.5cmw x 17.5cmh

$7.00 ea

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7.5cmw x 22.5cmh

$8.00 ea

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Candle Hire & Candle Vase Hire

First impressions count, people!  You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, so when your guests arrive at your event, you want them to be astounded from the moment they walk in.  Our candle and candle vase hire for weddings, proposals and any other event are the perfect for your event!  We have multiple sizes available for your cylinder candle vases and multiple sizes available for our flame burning wax candles. For some events we have flameless LED candles too! We can build custom packages for your event. Just reach out to us and we can put something together for you!

Decor Hire - About our candles and candle vases.

Candles: 6 different sizes, mix and match, purchase in bulk
Our modern, budget-friendly unscented pillar wax candle. An attractive addition, creating ambiance at any event and in any space.
Approx. burn time 40 hours

Candle Vases:  5 different sizes, mix and match
Clear glass barrel shaped votives. These work beautifully on wedding reception tables and are the perfect addition of candlelight to any stylish, elegant event. We can fill with water, rose petals, flowers, wax candles, LED candles.. anything! Just let us know how you want it!


Decor Hire: Candle Hire & Candle Vase Hire Services

Build Your Own Packages

Build your own packages with the products/services you need. We can run you through the options based on your event and customise the pricing accordingly.

Event Styling Packages

If you aren't exactly sure what you want and just want to look through our images and choose from events we styled in the past.. be our guest!

Balloon Garlands

Balloons make everything better! Balloon and floral garlands on props add a lovely touch. Reach out to us today for ideas on colour, sizes, shapes etc for your event.

Top Quality Props

This means that unlike off-the-shelf products, quick knock-ups or cheap fibreglass imports, our props where with events in mind. Our products have longevity and durability.

We Think We're Okay!

We have some sustainability, community and charity credentials too. An all-round good egg of a company. Some trumpet tooting on our part there.

Easy Delivery or Easy Setup

Have us do it all for you or plonk a sub-contractor in front of our products (or a helpful guest if it’s your wedding), and leave them on autopilot. Job done

candle hire wedding candle wedding candle holders glass candle pillar decor hire candle hire wedding candle wedding candle holders glass candle pillar decor hire


Reach out to us, we have a guide with photos to show you examples for different tables and events. This will let you know how many you are going to need and the pricing!

A deposit required is for the hire of candles and candle vases. The cleaning fee is charged as a deposit and refunded after the event if all vases are returned unbroken and clean.
For example: If Bob hires 50 candle vases, the fee is 50 vases x $5. ($250)
Bob returns 20 clean, 29 unclean and 1 broken. The cost is 29 x $5 + $25 (broken vase fee) totalling $170.
The amount refunded would be $80 

Yes! We can apply a bulk discount to the vases, the candles we are giving to you at the same price as the supplier.
50 vases provides a 15% discount
100 vases provides a 20% discount
150 vases provides a 24% discount

Yes! It is standard to return the products in the same condition you got them in. If you are too busy or don’t have time. There is a cleaning fee of $5 per vases returned with melted wax/dirty.

Yes we do! Please reach out today! We can provide you with all the information you need!

For weddings, corporate events, private parties we will always use 100% brand new from the supplier candles
So nothing goes to waste, we recycle and reuse the candles for marriage proposals and other style of events

The customer is responsible for the items from when they are signed over during delivery. If an item is broken then we will invoice to cost to replace. For candle vases this ranges between $15 – $25 per vase

A venue coordinator is different to a stylist/wedding coordinator as their main responsibility is the venue. We will work with you closely covering all aspects of the wedding from start to finish (not just the reception set up). Our objective is for you to have a stress-free, enjoyable day from as soon as you are awake until you leave in your get-away car. Any questions that need answered will be directed to us. And at the end of the day, we work for you and not the venue.

Yes. You can collect the props from our warehouse in Brookvale. This is by appointment only. You must ensure the vehicle you bring is large enough to accommodate the props you are collecting and that no damage is incurred fitting the props into your vehicle and transporting them. Please check in advance with your inLight Studios customer service representative as to whether the vehicle you plan to collect the props in will be large enough for their safe transportation.

Dry Hire means that props are delivered to, and collected from, a loading bay (or equivalent) by a single driver only and the hirer must provide unloading/loading assistance to the driver. For those who would like some help to install the props we can offer an Install & De-Rig Service

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