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Your family is so precious, let us capture the magic.

Are you looking for family portrait photography in Sydney to capture your loved one’s special moments with a family photoshoot? At inLight Studios we believe that photography is essentially a mark of history and is something within our lives that literally lives forever. From newborn photography to digital images of the whole family; our professional photographers offer family photo sessions in the heart of Sydney to ensure that every memory is cherished. 

A family photoshoot provides the perfect keepsake that will stay in your family throughout generations and having a special photoshoot to capture a family portrait will help you reflect on amazing memories for years to come. 

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Whatever your child’s age, we tailor your photoshoot around you as a family: the things you enjoy, how you laugh and how you love. As no two families are the same so every photoshoot is different. We spend a morning together having fun. We can work at your home, creating Lego masterpieces or travel to one of your family’s favourite places to explore, climb or even water-ski. Whatever you love to do, I can capture the moment.

We are careful about bookings to give you sufficient time per day so everyone can relax and feel comfortable. We quickly build a rapport that results in images that are naturally joyous and reflect your child’s true personality.

Whether you require a baby photographer to capture your little one’s birthday, have a family of four or want to gather the whole family for a larger scale shoot; we can cater to your individual family’s needs to deliver the most personalised results possible. 



  • Families of three, four and five. Plan to have a family photo shoot every 2-3 years – everyone changes so much! You will love looking back at such lovely memories and so will the children too. Family pictures give them a great sense of being loved and belonging.
  • ‘Mummy and Me’ or ‘Daddy and Me’ images always are filled with emotion. The love for a child rivals no other. These are family images you will treasure in the family forever.
  • Get the grandparents involved – They are often such a big part of the children’s world. Document it and get them in the frame too. It often makes for the most powerful family portraits. 
  • Think about the extended family – do you have siblings with children? Have you got some family portraits of them altogether. These are often fun-filled sessions and wonderful for cousins.
  • Furry friends are family too! If you have a pet, you know how they hold such a special place in our hearts. Always by your side, always finding another pair of socks to chew, it’s an adventure that’s made for sharing.


– The most important thing is for the children to be happy and comfortable – however beautiful an outfit is, if it’s uncomfortable it’ll make the child grumpy, and we want to avoid that where possible!
– Choose a colour palette (or a favourite piece) and arrange coordinating outfits (not to similar though). For example everyone wearing soft blues and pinks looks lovely.
– We generally encourage mums to cover their upper arms as too much skin can be distracting, but wear what you feel best in.
– The photographs will be on your walls for years to come so go classic and avoid cartoon characters/big logos or text.



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Family Portrait Photography Sydney

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We will keep in contact and reach out prior to the shoot and discuss your photography in depth.

We’ve always focused on quality over quantity. We know that some photographers offer packages that include say, one retouched image and the rest digitally. While this may sound like a great deal, our experience and feedback from customers tells a different story. In a typical photoshoot, for say two people that lasts an hour, we’ll probably take around 400 shots. Our aim is to get this number down significantly to the shots that have excellent lighting, excellent composition, no blinking or awkward expressions so that when you view your images you are viewing quality images that you’ll be impressed and happy with.

It takes some work for us but this is part of the service – having an expert eye edit out all the bad shots before you view them. The truth is that not all photographers can be bothered to do this. By giving you all the images it may sound like a lot but it’s means you have to do the hard work. This may work better for some clients and we won’t be the right fit for everyone. However, we’ve found over the years that our customers prefer our approach and feel happy to rebook with us, confident that they’ll never risk wasting their time or their money.

The key thing to keep in mind when selecting your outfits is coordination. Basically put, you all need to look like you’re going to the same place! Although we’ll generally shoot four outfits (depending on the package), we always recommend you bring 4-6 changes, because until you see the final images, you do not know which style/look you will prefer on camera. It is not necessarily your favourite look that works best, sometimes the simplest thing like a white top and jeans can look absolutely great in a family shoot.

Another thing to keep in mind is colour. If baby is a nice bright pink, maybe don’t choose a red outfit for mum! Colour clashing on camera does not look great so keep your colours complimentary or neutral. Also avoid too much black in group shots as we tend to lose a little too much detail.

When choosing your looks, think about variety. Go for a couple of casual looks and a couple of dressy ones; some families even go for a little theme that shows their character! Whatever it is, it should be authentic to you and your family.

Unlike couples and people who arrive solo, a family photoshoot can be more complicated to coordinate. It can be frustrating to massively overrun or go to all the effort of getting people together only to not get the shots you want. Luckily there are a few things you can do to prevent this. One of the main things to do is prep the children. Here are a couple of golden tips below!

  • Get your outfits coordinated and prepared in advance and make sure they’re ironed the night before.
  • If you have a baby, work your magic to get them to sleep before the shoot. Nothing makes a photographer happier than seeing a sleeping baby whilst other family members are getting ready.
  • Also getting them fed and changed beforehand is ideal as it avoids any irritability that may occur during the shoot, which of course will allow smoother sailing when getting the shots. It’s much easier to get those all important smiles after a sleep, a change and a feed!

Some photographs suit colour and some really work best in black and white. I make these creative decisions as I’m editing. Of course we can provide black and white, just let us know! Also bear in mind that indoor tungsten lighting can be really unflattering to skin colour, and therefore some images, such as the speeches, look better in black and white. If you want any others turned black and white let me know the file number and I’ll happily convert them for you.

We always deliver our photos via a digital download. We edit and optimize the images so they can be downloaded with ease and played/displayed/printed/shared/saved very simply!

We personally hand edit every photo, adjusting tone, contrast, cropping etc….but We are photographers not digital artists and we want to capture your family as it really was on the day. We do photoshop out the odd spot but the images are mainly pretty natural – although clients are often very happily surprised how amazing they look without photoshopping! Professional photographs (taken with care to the lighting, professional kit and an eye for angle and composition) are so much more flattering than the awful photos our friends share of us on instagram! If you do want more extensive retouching on some photos I can get you a quote from the experts I pass this type of work onto.

We have public liability insurance for 20 million Australian dollars. A lot of venues, vendors and locations require this.

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