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You need photos that bring your brand and business to life. Imagine having a whole selection of gorgeous images that you can use on your website, on social media, for new marketing ideas and really anything. Whether it’s a selection of headshots of your team that you need, or more candid shots of you all working together; we can help.

We have been photographing businesses and entrepreneurs for a long time. We know how to create inspiring photos that will appeal to your clients and we make the whole experience totally painless too! We understand branding and marketing and know how to capture images that will show the heart and soul of your business.

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We offer a full content creation service, from production to delivery. We’re “fully stacked”, so we have in-house product photographers, stylists, art directors and top retouchers. We build up strong working relationships with our clients and we’re very familiar with what clients expect from images of their products. We always strive to deliver the very best quality while retaining our “right-first-time” culture.

The workflow we adopt enables you to brief your specific requirements before work commences, creating a flexible, professional and efficient process. This ensures each project finishes on time and within budget.

Our long-standing product photography team understands the need to take time to examine your product to work out exactly how best to light it. Unlike many other studios, we specifically and individually light your products to achieve the best results for each particular item.


At Product-Packshot-inLight Studios, we offer competitive rates in product photography. If you need clean, high-end images for your online eCommerce store and/or print catalogues or PR purposes. We can do that too!

Catalogue product photography plays a key part in driving online sales, so it’s important that your images are of a consistently high quality… and we always deliver.


A picture is worth a thousand words unless of course, you are using that picture to help sell products from your website or a catalogue in which case it is worth so much more. Quality pictures are what will help you sell your products and run a profitable business



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eCommerce Photography Services

One Stop Shop

Mot customers come to us and have us do the majority of their event services. We conveniently offer: photography, videography, photo booths, DJs and much much more!

Packages For All Budgets

We provide packages to suit all budgets. We provide high end photography for your event for great prices! You will get high resolution images, videos and customer service.

Quick Access To Your Media

We take as many photos as we can, we don't delete any! This means there is generally hours and hours of editing. We still provide a quick turn around and get your photos to you.

Build Your Own Packages

Build your own packages with the products/services you need. We can run you through the options based on your event and customise the pricing accordingly.

We Cater For All Events

Our light up letters are best used for ANY event! We have done every type of event you can imagine, live awards shows to celebrities private parties to christenings.

Five Star Service

We boast a "Five Star Only" service as we believe every event matters! No matter how big or small, we treat them all the same and give them as much attention as you do!


We love it when people keep in touch – following us on facebook or instagram.

We will keep in contact and reach out prior to the shoot and discuss your photography in depth.

It varies depending on what package you book. Contact us and we can run through everything!

Each final image is delivered with a license to publish it in any media in perpetuity, worldwide. But that license is granted exclusively to the business which books me, not to any other business.

For photos on a white background, ideally I need a space of 5 metres by 3 metres at a minimum. For photos with the office in the background, a space of 3 metres by 3 metres is normally ample.

Some photographs suit colour and some really work best in black and white. I make these creative decisions as I’m editing. Of course we can provide black and white, just let us know! Also bear in mind that indoor tungsten lighting can be really unflattering to skin colour, and therefore some images, such as the speeches, look better in black and white. If you want any others turned black and white let me know the file number and I’ll happily convert them for you.

I ask for 10 minutes with each person. This allows me to shoot headshots for 48 people in a normal 8 hour day, or 24 people in a half day. Some photographers will tell you they can do it quicker, and I can do it quicker too, but having 10 minutes will always result in a better photo which each person is genuinely happy with.

We always deliver our photos via a digital download. We edit and optimize the images so they can be downloaded with ease and played/displayed/printed/shared/saved very simply!

We personally hand edit every photo, adjusting tone, contrast, cropping etc….but We are photographers not digital artists and we want to capture your family as it really was on the day. We do photoshop out the odd spot but the images are mainly pretty natural – although clients are often very happily surprised how amazing they look without photoshopping! Professional photographs (taken with care to the lighting, professional kit and an eye for angle and composition) are so much more flattering than the awful photos our friends share of us on instagram! If you do want more extensive retouching on some photos I can get you a quote from the experts I pass this type of work onto.

We have public liability insurance for 20 million Australian dollars. A lot of venues, vendors and locations require this.

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