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  • Bookings for delivery must be made 3 days in advance of event date to enable us to schedule the delivery.
  • All Bookings are still subject to standard Terms of hire & Conditions and stock availability.
  • By placing a booking you are accepting our Terms and Conditions for Hire
  • Prices provided in quotes are valid and eligible for 30 days
  • Prices available on website may be eligible to change at any time
  • All prices quotes are ex GST


    a) The person completing the ID check process is responsible for the safekeeping and condition of the equipment from point of hire until point of return.
    b) In the case of delivery the person who completes the ID check process is responsible for the safekeeping and condition of the equipment from delivery to collection of the equipment. 
    c) Equipment must be returned in the same condition as it is received. 
    d) Please make sure you never leave your hire equipment unattended. If the equipment is not returned as a result of loss/misplacement/theft, the hirer is responsible for its replacement at market value.

    a) All item pricing for hire on the website is for an overnight hire period unless an alternative hire period has been selected. 
    b) Any allowance for an early pickup or late drop off beyond this hire period is authorised at InLight Studios’ Hire’s grace. 
    c) If you request inLight Studios staff to help load hired products into or out of your vehicle while picking up the products or dropping the products back. If any damage is done to any aspect of the vehicle, the hirer takes full responsibility for any damage.
    d) We reserve the right to allow extended hire periods at no extra charge where we see fit, we also reserve the right to book equipment with your knowledge to be due back at a certain time on the day of return. 
    e) As a default a weekend hire must be returned by close of business on Monday unless directed otherwise. 
    f) Any hire which is not returned by the agreed time will incur extra hire charges per day of the daily hire amount for each/every item(s) not returned. 
    g) During peak periods, such as New Years where demand for equipment is very high, each hire item will incur extra charges, these will be explained at the time of booking, and all peak hire periods will require full payment at time of booking in order to reserve the equipment. As with our regular hire period, it is advisable to pay for hire equipment when making a booking to ensure it is reserved for you. 

    a) All discounts (both Promotional and VIP) are applicable to EQUIPMENT ONLY, no Delivery or Labour Services are included in any Discount Code.

    a) We strongly encourage all customers to set-up and test equipment within opening hours. In the event of issues in set-up/operation, we advise to contact our head office for troubleshooting assistance as no after-hours phone line is available.
    b) Liquid/Shock Detection labels are used to detect equipment mistreatment/misuse. Trigger or activation of these labels will incur $100-$200 diagnosis charges, so it is important to treat equipment carefully and avoid having drinks and liquids placed near the equipment during use or storage.
    c) If you experience a suspected pre-existing fault with our equipment, we encourage you to contact us within business hours to allow for our customer service team to try and diagnose the issue with you. In extreme cases, we will make a note to inspect the equipment upon return and can organise a credit/refund for the item/s of equipment that demonstrate a pre-existing fault. 
    d) We also strongly encourage you to contact us if you believe you have caused damage to any of the equipment during the process of hiring as this will allow us to perform an efficient fault diagnosis upon return resulting in a quicker return process for you.

    a) Bookings for delivery must be made 3 days in advance of event date to enable us to schedule the delivery.
    b) Bookings are still subject to standard Terms & Conditions and stock availability.
    c) Please contact our head office for information and delivery service availability.
    d) Bookings must be placed online, and a minimum hire value of $99.00 is required for Delivery/Collection to occur.
    e) For more Delivery information, please see our Delivery Services page.

    a) A deposit or full payment via Debit/Credit Card/Bank Transfer is required to request the reservation of equipment for a specific event date. 
    b) A 25% deposit is required to hold the services and date available for you.
    c) All deposits are non refundable, there is one exception to this rule, which is below:
    i) Exception: If equipment requested becomes unavailable/damaged (and a suitable substitute cannot be recommended) you will be contacted, and a refund or credit note will be issued equal to the value of the affected items or to the full value of the booking.
    d) Our Refund Policy is strictly based on the time a booking cancellation is made. If a booking is cancelled: 
    i). within 1-7 days of the event date (or scheduled delivery date): no refund or credit will be issued.
    ii). within 7-14 days of the event date (or scheduled delivery date): a 100% credit note will be issued (not including the deposit), strictly no refunds.
    iii). outside 14+ days from the event date (or scheduled delivery date): a 100% credit or refund can be issued (not including the deposit).
    e) Example: 
    i) Rob’s event is on Saturday 30th, if he elects to cancel:
    ii) a. on or after Wednesday 23rd onwards: he is not entitled to a refund or credit.
    iii) b. between Tuesday 16th – Saturday 23rd : he is entitled to a 100% credit note (minus the deposit), no refund.
    iv) c. before Tuesday 16th: he is entitled to a 100% credit or 100% refund (minus the deposit).

    f) Any booking requests cancelled within 24 hours of placing the booking request online may be entitled to a full refund (minus the deposit) or 100% credit, with the exception of booking requests that are placed within 1-7 days of the event date. 
    g) If a booking is cancelled on the day as a result of the hirer not being able to satisfy the Bond and/or Identification Requirements, no refund or credit note will be issued.

    h) If you decide to change your event date for any reason then a ‘Change of Date’ fee will apply which is $450 incl GST. This will be charged if you decide to change the date ONE MONTH prior to your event taking place. For example:
    i)Rob’s event is on Friday 01/03/2024, if he elects to change the date:
    i) a. on or after Thursday 01/02/2024 onwards: he must pay a change of date fee.
    ii) – If you decide to change the date of the event to a date we are fully booked and unable to manage this booking, you are not eligible for a refund.
    iii) – If you attempt the change the date you are ineligible for any cancellations, credits or refunds.

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF HIRE (The legal detail)

a) InLight Studios (ABN – 53 624 297 378) The equipment on hire is hereinafter referred to as the “Owner” and this expression includes its successors. 
b) The “Hirer” is the company, firm or person taking the owners equipment on hire and this expression includes his successors or personal representatives. 
c) “Equipment” shall include any product or service that the owner offers. This includes any attachments, leads or any other thing under this contract. 
d) “Hire Rate” shall be the rate of the hire for the equipment as provided on the invoice/agreement and is subject to the provisions of these terms and conditions of hire.

a) The Hirer’s order, whether oral or in writing for the supply of equipment shall be construed as an expressed acceptance of these terms and conditions of hire, and in so far as any provision of the Hirer’s said order be consistent therewith these terms and conditions of hire shall be deemed to prevail. 
b) Any variations in the contract shall be in writing. 
c) The hirer warrants to the owner that no representations have been made to him concerning the equipment and in particular to the suitability for any particular purpose or for work in any particular place and that in entering into this contract the hirer does not rely on such representation and has satisfied himself independently upon all such matters and; accordingly the hirer shall seek no relief in respect of any such representation and in particular shall bring on proceedings for misrepresentation. 

a) Subject to the provisions of the invoice/agreement, the owner shall supply the equipment on the collection date. The period of hire shall start on such collection. Hire charges shall commence on collection unless otherwise stated on the invoice/agreement. Responsibility for loss or damage to the equipment is accepted by the Hirer from the time the equipment is collected until it’s return to the Owner and the Owner has subsequently fully inspected said equipment to his satisfaction. 
b)The hirer must have 240v power outlets within 20m of where the hirer requests the equipment to be located. If not, the hirer must have extension cables to assist with putting the equipment in the hirers desired location. If not, the hirer must pay $50 to hire a generator, this generator must be returned full with UNLEADED 95 PETROL.
c) If the hirer wants to have the equipment located outside the hirer must also have a backup location under cover inside in case of poor weather conditions.
d) The hirer must have all the aforementioned information for the owner on arrival, the owner has limited time to set up and cannot wait around for other vendors to arrive. (i.e. gazebo vendors). On the agreed upon set up time everything must be ready. No exceptions.

a) The Hirer fully accepts the equipment is in full working order without any physical damage to the items, The Hirer can take photos before the event to show prior damage.
The Hirer accepts full responsibility to the owner for loss or damage to or destruction of the equipment suffered during the period of hire from whatever cause the same may arise and is fully responsible to the owner for the safekeeping of the equipment and its return in equal order to the owner at the end of the hire. 
b) The Hirer accepts all liability and responsibility in respect of and shall completely indemnify the owner against all third party claims and losses howsoever arising in respect of damage to, or loss, or destruction of any property or in respect of the personal injury, or death of anybody in any way caused by or relating to the equipment or its use. 
c) The Owner shall not be liable to the hirer in respect of any damage to, or loss, or destruction of the property of the hirer, nor in respect of the personal injury, or death of the Hirer, or his employees or contractors, or other persons in any way caused by or relating to the equipment or its use howsoever such damage, loss, destruction, injury, or death shall be caused. 
d) The Owner can and will refuse service without refunds if The Hirer fails to provide a safe location for the equipment to be placed. All equipment must be placed in a safe, well ventilated area, safe from potential poor weather and any other kind of potential damage. For example, if The Hirer has planned an outdoor event without an undercover backup location and it rains on the date of the event, The Owner can refuse service without refund.

a) Overtime Fees
– The Hirer fully accepts if the event is running overtime and inLight Studios arrive at the agreed up packdown/bump out time or after and are forced to wait to be able to access any equipment for bump out, The Hirer will be charged. The charges are accumulated every 15 minutes waiting at a cost of $50 every 15 minutes.
b) Same Night Packdown Fee
– The Hirer fully accepts as a standard inLight Studios packdown/bump out times are next day or before 9pm if applicable. If next day packdown is not available and The Hirer’s event requires bumpout/packdown after 9pm, there are additional charges for that. As these charges vary, please confirm with an inLight Studios event team member.
c) Reorganising Delivery/Bump In or Packdown/Bump Out Fee
– The Hirer fully accepts if inLight Studios attempts to setup/bump in or packdown/bump out an event and due to an external factor inLight Studios cannot control, for example: The venue isnt open, cant access the equipment behind locked doors, staff have left/aren’t on site yet, no one is on site, there is no safe place to leave the equipment and The Hirer is uncontactable, etc, and we have arrived at the agreed upon time frame. We will be forced to arrange pickup another time or day. The Hirer will be charged an additional bump in/out fee.
d) Cleaning Fee
– The Hirer fully accepts if products are returned dirty and require cleaning, a cleaning fee will be enforced. The Hirer fully accepts they are made aware of these fees and will pay them.
e) Deposits
– Some products and services require deposits, these vary between refundable, refundable via the terms of service and non refundable. An example of a deposit required is for the hire of candles and candle vases. The cleaning fee is charged as a deposit and refunded after the event if all vases are returned unbroken and clean.
For example: If Bob hires 50 candle vases, the fee is 50 vases x $5. ($250)
Bob returns 20 clean, 29 unclean and 1 broken. The cost is 29 x $5 + $25 (broken vase fee) totalling $170.
The amount refunded would be $80 


a) The Owner shall ensure that at the commencement of the hire the equipment shall be of sound construction and in good working order. 
b). Equipment using electric lamps will be tested, and working, the owner cannot and will not be held responsible for lamp failure. It is suggested: 
i) That goods being stored in a vehicle or building fitted with alarms, the alarm must be set. 
ii) Good must not be on display when stored in a vehicle, for example goods should be stored in the boot of the car. 

a) The Hirer must make payment in full via Credit Card/Debit and the card holder must be present, before equipment can be released. 
b) The Hirer shall pay the Owner forthwith for all repairs and replacements to the equipment, except for repairs and replacements due to wear and tear.

a) A credit card authorisation of $100.00 (pre-auth – with pin) will be requested of the person taking responsibility for the hire prior to the release of equipment and will be used to cover incidents such as (but not limited to):

  • Late return of hire.
  • Equipment returned unclean, or in incorrect transporting tubs.
  • Additional servicing / cleaning charges.

b) This bond does not cover damage or loss of equipment. Please contact your closest warehouse for equipment replacement costs, damage costs are based on quotes depending on the nature of the damage sustained.

c) This bond is held as a pre-authorisation by the card issuing bank (not by InLight Studios). The issuing bank will release the pre-authorisation (hold) 3-10 business days from the time the gear is returned to InLight Studios in a clean and fully functional condition (as per our Terms and Conditions above). 

a) The Hirer shall not without consent of the owner assign, sublet, mortgage, charge, pledge or part with possession of or otherwise deal with the equipment. 

a) Positive proof of identity, and home address must be produced before equipment is removed from our premises. 
b) It is advised that Hirer’s should check the compatibility of their own items to items hired from the Owner. The Owner accepts no responsibility for equipment that does not work in conjunction with that of the hirer. 
c) One day hire is classed as a 24 hour period maximum. Any hire period over this time will incur the daily or weekly hire charge (Whichever is appropriate). 
d) All goods hired on any weekend must be returned by the date and time specified on your Contact or Invoice. All Hirer’s must be over the age of 18 and be in full-time employment or study. 

a) If inLight Studios is unable to perform their obligations under this agreement due to pandemic, riot, war, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, acts of terrorism, civil war, illness, Federal or State Government restrictions, emergency, wind, fire, explosion, casualty, strike, civil disobedience, unsafe environment, threat, act of God, legislation not in force as at the date of this agreement, acts of its vendors or third party suppliers or causes beyond the control of inLight Studios.
b) Any amounts paid by the Hirer to inLight Studios can be transferred towards a rescheduled date in accordance with our postponement terms. No refunds will be given if an event cannot go ahead due to any of the reasons listed above. Any amounts paid by the Hirer to inLight Studios will be forfeited in favour of inLight Studios and any further payments will no longer be required to be paid by the Hirer.