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7 Questions You Should Absolutely Ask A Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day happens only once, and you can’t redo it! So you want to be sure the person who’s capturing all those amazing moments knows what they’re doing and has the knowledge and experience to back it up. Here are a few important questions that all couples should ask photographers before hiring one for the big day.

What Style Of Photography Do You Provide?

Well, there is a wide range of wedding photographers, who have different styles and skills to capture the wedding images and moments. For instance, there are traditional style photography, photojournalist, light and airy photography, dark and moody photography, and many more. If you are a person who likes candid photography then, you must hire a photographer who has documentary style photography. Capturing the in-between moments need specialized skills where the right timing is very important. Candid wedding pictures must be taken as the moment happens, there cannot be a re-do shot for it. A re-do shot will definitely end up looking fake. Hence, you must confirm from the photographer regarding their style of photography and know whether they can fulfill your needs. Make sure that the photos look authentic and when you look back on these photos to remember the day, it shouldn’t appear fake.

7 Questions You Should Absolutely Ask A Wedding Photographer

Do You Have A Team Of Photographers Or You Work Individually?

Most people think it is imperative for a photographer to have a team. It is essential because the main photographer would be busy clicking pictures of the wedding couple and the team would assist him by capturing the images of the guests, friends, cocktail, ceremony, portraits, and family members. Having the team will also help you in capturing images from different angles and get more final images. Generally, when a wedding is large, it helps to have the team to support you cover up everything that goes on. But if you are planning a small beach ceremony and an intimate dinner for 12 guests, then a team of photographers are not required.

How Many Final Photos Will You Provide?

Well, the number of final images can depend on many factors. And one of the factors is the wedding style. It will completely depend on the flow of the day, the number of events, or ceremonies. If the wedding is just a one-day ceremony, then it will naturally have fewer photos as compared to weddings that stretch for 2 to 3 days. If a wedding has a lot of travel time between the locations, then there will be an innumerable number of photos. The wedding photographer has to cover all the locations, ceremonies, and reception. But generally, there should be approximately 100 to 200 photos images per hour that a professional wedding photographer should provide you.

How Do You Plan On Working With Lights & Spaces Provided By The Wedding Couple?

A photographer you choose must be skilled to capture images in bright daylight as well as at night time. He must understand the spaces and artificial lights that he would be needing to make the photos look focussed and not dark and blurry. Along with proper skills, your photographer must also have required equipment to capture the photos during the night or places with minimum light. A proper plan is required to provide special lighting effects to your wedding.

What Happens If You Are Unable To Make It To The Wedding?

Weddings are generally planned days before the actual due date and in the in-between time, anything can happen. So you must have a backup plan regarding your wedding photoshoot. Therefore, it is imperative for your wedding photographer to have a plan B if he is incapacitated and couldn’t physically photograph your wedding. In such cases, a second photographer or the team takes over the responsibility to cover the entire wedding shoot. This builds trust and a sense of assurance among wedding couples.

What Is Your Experience As A Professional Photographer?

Asking your photographer regarding his experience is quite obvious. It gives you an idea of how long he has been in business and successfully captures wedding photographs. The experience also helps you in justifying the fact that you are paying for the talent, skill, and professional knowledge of the photographer. You must also make sure that the photographers pay the highest level of attention the wedding couple deserves.

How Do You Provide Backup Of The Entire Wedding Photoshoot?

Once again having a backup of the photographs is very important. The photographer might accidentally crash the hard drive before having the photos delivered it to the wedding couple. In such scenarios is very hard to cope up if the photographer does not have a proper backup. A wedding photographer with cloud storage backup would be the best as it is better than any form of physical storage such as memory card or portable hard drives.


This ultimate list of questions is something you must ask your photographer before finalizing them. If the wedding photographer is highly professional then he would be happy to answer all your questions and provide you a sense of assurance.