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Choosing Your Wedding Venue!

A wedding day is the most memorable of everyone’s life and you must make sure that everything goes perfectly. Well, just the thought of the wedding day will make you overwhelmed with joy, excitement and bit of stress. The stress is generally due to the wedding venue. Choosing the best wedding venue is one of the first big decisions you need to make while planning your wedding. Therefore, it must not be taken lightly and neglected as you cannot choose a wedding venue at the last moment.

Your wedding venue will set the entire tone of your wedding right from the decor, the attire, and more. There are a lot of wedding venues available. How will you choose the best wedding venue for your big day? How will you make sure that the finalized venue is the right for you? With this checklist, you would be able to kick off your search. It will take you through the styles and aesthetics of the wedding venues, recommended from the expert wedding planners.

Take Advice From Your Wedding Planner: Before you start looking for the wedding venues, or modern wedding spaces, it is important to consult your planner. They are much more familiar with the wedding venues, their layout, times, and capabilities. Planners will help you in adopting a creative way to choose your wedding venue

Availability Of The Wedding Venue On A Specific Date?

Most people have a fixed date of the wedding in their minds. It might happen that your dream wedding venue would not be available on that day. Therefore, you must check the availability of the venue as soon as you choose the wedding date. Moreover, you can be a bit flexible with the dates. So that you get the venue you are seeking for so long.

Wedding Venue That Suits Your Wedding Style: Well, as specified that the choice of your wedding venue will set the tone of your entire wedding. So, it is important that you as much research as possible in finding the best location. You can list them and visit the venues personally and not just rely on the photographs and information provided online. Although the online information would be helpful but visiting the location will provide a sense of security. To get help on your wedding venue, you can check out inspirational ideas of the wedding venues.

Does Your Wedding Venue Provide Different Rooms For Different Ceremony?

It is important to confirm whether your wedding venue will provide you will multiple venues or not for different ceremonies. In addition, you must take a thorough look at all rooms that would be available to you on your wedding day.

Your Wedding Budget: You must always have a look at your wedding venue budget before finalizing the venue. The wedding venues that include in-house catering, the decor will charge you accordingly. Having acknowledging your budget, you could convey what you want, and what fits in your budget. If the wedding spaces are not within your budget, then you need to look at more affordable spaces with similar facilities. If you select your venue first, and then realize it’s more than you should have allocated, it’s an uphill battle to stay within your budget when you still have a dozen other people to hire.

Guests At Your Wedding Venue: Knowing about how many guests you are expecting at your wedding is a point that needs to be considered while choosing the wedding venue. If the number of guests exceeds the size of the wedding venue, it will be really stressful to handle the situation. Having a good list of guests who have confirmed to be there at your wedding will save you from a headache later. Couples often underestimate the number of guests but this is something that should not be ignored or avoided.

Considering The Guest Experience: While choosing the wedding venue, many of the guests would be from out-of-town. So you must look for a venue that is connected to guest accommodation or hotel. Also, the comfort level of the guests must be kept in mind. The maximum capacity of a room isn’t often a comfortable amount of space, so ask the venue managers how many people they can fit comfortably. Your guests make your wedding more memorable so make sure that they do not feel out of place.


If you are clear about how you want your wedding venue to look and feel, you’re already well on your way to finding the perfect venue! One of the most important points while choosing a wedding venue is not to rely on the photographs provided by the wedding venue and just decide it on the spot. Doing proper research and knowing that the venue managers are authentic is very essential. It might happen that the venue might have looked stunning with a specific theme or design scheme but not go with your wedding style. You must have your own perfect canvas for your dream wedding venue.