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MR & MRS Light-Up Letters Hire For Wedding

Light Up Letters stand tall and make up attractive numbers and initials when they are sunnily lit bringing on a semblance of fun-loving zeal to the occasion without having to try too hard. Light Up Letters comprise big and beautiful numbers and letters crafted for this special occasion. Letters and numbers will wear a ceremonial look and look ultimate in a photo shoot and adorn every event.

Depending on the backdrop, light up letters will enamor a large wooden stand rustic wedding photography background. The light up letters in a wooden frame and vintage pallet make merry with a rustic wedding. Light Up Letters can be used as an arch during the wedding registration.

The Light Up Letters can also be used as a background photo for the bride, groom and the guests too. This kind of idyllic setting goes a long way in removing boredom of guests. The light up letters are ideal for a rustic wedding and decorate the occasion with flowers, garden and light bulbs.

The backdrop with the gigantic letters in tow are easy to lug around with the backdrop given into easy folding. Thus our stunning range of numbers and letters make the perfect addition to your family album and add to the style quotient.

The 4 ft giant hand-made light up letters and can be tailor-made to suit your specific requirements.

With so much said and written in praise of light up letters, the time has come for you to literally shake things up and add that customized touch to your light up letters, enough to produce a glowing and sunny aura to your event.

It’s hardly surprising to see why light up letters are in the thick of the wedding party fervor. They make for an absolutely embellished pair when placed next to the sweetheart table and it is easy to see why the light up letters make for such a desirable extension. The light up letters make for a very attractive stop when placed next to the bridal pair or even at the entrance for welcoming your guests. As the sun sets, there will be some more added fun in the show-piece with light up letters that add extra fun and mirth in the milieu.

Our favorite decor ideas are brimming with light up letters. Personalization of the event on the big day is all the more fun with monster light up letters. Great fun can be had with light up letters in single letter, initial, ampersand and heart shaped letter.

The heart shaped letter turns into a naughty light up letter shaped heart at the entrance heralding the massive invitee list. The light up letters can individually stand out as simple but yet attractive monograms at the main foyer or one up on everybody as they are glancing at the visitors miss a step in the dance floor as they go all out to woo the sweetheart on the floor.

With the wedding party coming to an end, all the light up letters in monograms placed strategically at the exit show up at the right time again by effortlessly blending with the crowd and showing them the way out.