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5 Ways To Use Marquee Lights At Your Wedding

Light Up Letters are a gem of an event beginner while upping the game to standards hitherto unassailable because of their subtle and attractive quotient. They lend an old-world charm to the wedding and are always sought after because they are inexpensive and also lend themselves to a DIY offing. Marquee Letters match a lot of wedding themes which include BOHO CHIC, RUSTIC and MODERN.

Amongst the various marquee lights in use today, Monogram marquees are the most popular and can be easily set on tables and the floor if need be. They can be hung solo in nails and they put your seal of authority in the place with chic marquees that bring the WOW factor to the table.

The size of the monogram should be such that it should be visible to the naked eye at a distance with pronounced effect. Monogram light up letters take very little space and provide the same rousing effect that a jumble of letters would give you in a space of very short time. There are vivid marquee lights set up that would bring the dessert table, a rustic look and monogram touch that remains vividly sketched in memory.

A sweetheart table with a monogram sweetly sketched and rested on the table would bring kudos to the couple for an evening to remember. It goes to add that there is nothing that could come even close to the monogram light up letters that brings about scintillating results to the sweetheart table gracing the couple always.

Love Marquee Lights are very popular among the masses that are geared up in chic style and made to rest anywhere near the table surrounded by effortlessly adding lit candles in the area. With these settings taking place, one can be assured of an even more romantic interlude between the couples.

Another chic idea is to place the lovely monograms higher up, somewhere on the roof of your house thus accentuating the rooftop with gigantic light up letters. Place a LOVE marquee design in the reception hall by unobtrusively dropping the light up letter just a little carelessly without making the action obvious in order to get the right interlude between the couple. Place over sized light up letters in the reception foyer welcoming the guests or better still place wooden marquee letters to set the evening afire.

Place a marquee light up letter light up the cake table and make it the focal point of your reception.

Place a love marquee letters for wedding decors and for outdoor wedding pictures. Love marquees over the bar area are a good way to hosting a party in true splendor. Highlight your new wedding status with a Mr and Mrs that will take position behind the couples standing or behind the sweetheart table or on the sweetheart table itself.

A bar is of striking importance in every wedding so why not place a light up letter monograms right in the center of the bar for further effect. These are a sure-fire sign of attracting visitors to the bar in a nondescript way to enchant the visitors by showing directions to the bar.