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Cool Ways To Use Marquee Letters in Bridal Shower

A bridal shower is no less important than a wedding, which has all your friends invited, closest and dearest and distant friends too. So you’ll be pulling all the stops to celebrate this event with utmost passion and fervour. If you have been taken over by watching those marquee signposts on bars, hotels and reception halls, you are not the only one to get bedazzled. The retro marquee lights have left an indelible mark on the spaces soon by providing creative lighting spaces all over town. Many have fallen in love with the retro feel of marquee signs and are more than willing to have this extra addition to the ceremony or engagement.

Keep your spirits up with marquee letters as they are certain additions to your decor and the colorful bulbs have highlighted the areas with white incandescent light or yellow light. If you wish to have these marquee signs as individual letters or a group of letters that represent a number or a name, they have a unique charm that adds up tentatively to form a birthday lineup or bridal shower. Substitute these false make up kits with make up offering traditional and immense benefits. Alternatively you could opt for geometric shapes such as romantic hearts or direction-giving arrows.

If you are changing your name for some reason, you can have the seat labeled with your newly shared name. ‘R’ and ‘M’ were at their receptive best which was illuminated from the couples table and complemented by the dancing lights in the trees far off. The initials were perched on the table in view of everyone.

Make way for a large letters signage that will take your entire table and have a photo op cover the important activities happening around. These light up letters pierce the darkness by their illumination. The marquee lights cradling the word ‘LOVE’ in light up letters lean against the wall. AS you have seen in movies, advertise your love for the bride-to-be with carved initials on the trees just like the classic ‘M+N’ in the heydays.

Your turn from a Miss to a Mrs. was executed in less than a second with the Mr. and Mrs. glowing in light up letters beside the sweetheart table, just as the bride and the groom walk in through the swiveling doors. Getting a personality to grace the bridal shower is in good taste and will up the ante a lot. An exclamation when you do recognize the well-known guest and heave a collective sigh is also neatly summed up in light up letters. This will surely make your guests go happy and wild. The ultimate reason for a light up letter to impress the collective invitee list is to point arrows in the correct direction with Do It Yourself (DIY) signage.

All’s well that ends well. What a bridal shower that was? With dancing by the aisles up to the dance floor and gyrating on the dance floor, one cannot simply forget the rusty moves of new entrant dancers who cannot shake a leg to save their lives, but nevertheless enjoyable and worth the wait.