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Wedding Trends You’ll See Everywhere this winter

With the extremely chilly weather that comes with the winter season, it might seem difficult to pull off a nice and cozy winter wedding. To some extent, it is. This is, however, not to say that it cannot be done. With the unusual temperatures, no one expects a usual wedding giving you room for some flexibility. It gives you a chance to explore atypical ideas with the decor, dressing, food, and so on, which you would otherwise not have done on a warm wedding day. If you have settled on a winter wedding for your big day, you may consider incorporating the following trends.

A Touch of Metallic

On a dull winter day, something to brighten up the room will be appreciated. Metallic colors are a great way to add some dazzle to a winter wedding. Do this by including some metallic bridesmaids’ dresses. You, however, do not want to overdo it. Due to this, you may have only 2 or 3 of them wearing metallic dresses. The metallic color should match that of the rest of the dresses.

Another way in which you can add some shimmer to your winter wedding is through a metallic cake drip and other decorations at the venue. Conspicuous and dazzling pieces of jewellery will also serve the same purpose.


Adding lights to your wedding decor is a great idea to add some brightness and warmth to your winter wedding. You may add some string lights to other decorations or have them stand alone for fairy effect. Festoon lights and lanterns are other types of lights that you can have for an elegant winter wedding. Whichever type of lighting that you decide to include your wedding, you should go for warm yellow colors.


Whether it is a welcome sign, a menu sign, seating directions, or a hashtag sign, signs have become a trend for every kind of wedding. In the particular case of a winter wedding, chalkboard and wooden signs will be suitable to add some warmth and texture to the venue. Neon signs made up of fluorescent light up letters are also a great way to add some brightness and liveliness to the wedding. You may also opt for marquee letters for your signage purposes. Through these, you can contribute to the warmth and lighting of the event while still relaying your message.

Coffee Bar

A hot drink goes a long way on a cold winter day. This is why a coffee bar should not miss at your winter wedding. Here, you could serve your guests with a variety of coffee drinks. You may also include other extras to go with this such as cinnamon sticks and whipped cream that will make the drinks even more interesting. If coffee is not your taste, you can substitute this with hot chocolate or tea, or even have them all.

On the same table, you can include some desserts to go with the hot beverages or have a different table as the dessert bar. Sweet delights such as chocolate, cookies, cakes, and s’ mores are a way to make your wedding guests feel snug and at home.

If you are having a coffee bar in place of a typical cocktail or gin bar, you may include the option of alcohol add-ins into the coffee. Having alcoholic treats such as alcohol-filled truffles is also an idea. This way, the alcohol lovers will not feel left out.

Use this section of the wedding to add on to the rest of the décor by having it well decorated. Suitable backdrops such as a flower wall will make it even more stunning.

Warm Colour Schemes

The colors that you choose for your wedding will contribute to the feel of the event. For a winter wedding, you do not want to pick colors that will accentuate the dullness and chilliness of the winter weather. As such, you should go for deep rich hues to bring about some warmth and vibrancy to the event.

This includes colours such as burgundy, emerald green, navy blue, and others. You may still pair these with subtle colours such as grey for contrast. These colours not only apply for dresses and suits but also your wedding decor such as the flower bouquets, the flower walls, the table decor, etc.

At a winter wedding, everything from the dressing, décor, and the meals should work to counter the chilly winter weather. It is the perfect opportunity to include some color, hot beverages, and plenty of lighting into your wedding ideas. If you are planning on getting married this winter, the above are some winter wedding trends to borrow from.