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Wedding Decor Checklist

The wedding decor defines the ambience on the special day making it a crucial part of wedding planning. Caught between trying to ensure that everything is done perfectly and keeping up with a schedule as well as a budget, planning for the wedding decor can be quite overwhelming. In such a situation, it can be had to keep track of all that needs to be done. Having a list to refer to will definitely come in handy. Here is a wedding decor checklist covering some of the main areas of wedding decor.


A wedding is bound to have a number of signs. The most crucial one being the welcome signage that is meant to welcome the guests to the event, state the date as well as the names of the wedding couple. This may go with many different designs from light up letters to simple wood signage, depending on the wedding theme. There is much more signage that a wedding may need including the order of events, seating instructions, directions, and many more for both the ceremony and the reception.

Ceremony Arch and Backdrop

You also need to consider where the ceremony is to be conducted. This is a special part of the wedding decor as it is where the vows will take place and it is where everyone’s attention will be drawn to during the ceremony. It should, therefore, be meticulously picked out to match the occasion and bring out the couple’s style.

Flowers, greenery, and drapings are a good touch for the ceremony arch. You may take this a step further with a stunning but not too flashy wedding ceremony backdrop such as a white flower wall or vines.

Aisle Decorations

Apart from the altar, the rest of the ceremony also needs to be beautiful, including the aisles. Walking down the aisle is an integral part of the wedding ceremony making the aisle decorations an important aspect too.

An aisle runner is a must for this special walk. Many ideas could be adopted for this including flower petals, a white carpet, and even grass. You may also consider other aisle decorations such as flower bouquets, lanterns, or signs either at the sides of the aisle or hanging on the aisle seats.

Venue Decoration

Wedding venues must look stunning. This goes for both the ceremony and reception venues. Venue décor includes the walls, the ceiling, the floor, and any other thing that contributes to the general aesthetic of the place.

The walls may have flower bouquets, wreaths, balloons, and ribbons among others. You may also add on to this with decorations hanging from the ceiling. This could be lanterns, festoon lights, flower vines, balloons, fairy lights, and many more. Other stand-alone decor pieces such as flower walls, ice sculptures, banners, and marquee letters are also great additions to the wedding decor.

Guests’ Table Decorations

The set up of the tables at the wedding reception will also contribute to the surrounding décor. It is also a great opportunity to impress and make your guests feel comfortable as they interact with this directly. The decoration used on the tables should match the theme as well as the type of wedding.

Casual and flowery decorations on the chairs and tables at an outdoor wedding will be suitable. Contemporary decorations such as candles and ribbons will be great for a grand indoor wedding. The centre pieces that you choose for your tables also play a key role in the wedding decor. The type of tableware used and their arrangement is also important.

Cake Table

The cake table is an important piece at a wedding reception. The design of the cakes themselves contribute to the beauty of the table, but so does the accompanying decor. It should be stunning and enticing enough to make the guests look forward to the cake session. It is also a great way to emphasise the wedding theme. Wedding decoration ideas to be considered for this table are flowers, candles, lighting, cake stands, and toppers as well as the table cloth design.

Sweetheart Table

The wedded couple forms the most special guests at a wedding event. The sweetheart table, where they will sit at the reception, should communicate this. The table decorations used here should be outstanding to set it apart from the rest. To make it even more stunning you may include flower wall backdrops, marquee lights, festoon lights, and others.

If you are working on the wedding decor yourself, a checklist will give you guidance on what is needed to help you plan yourself accordingly. Even if you are working together with a wedding planner, it will help you supervise and keep track to ensure that nothing is left out.