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Flower Walls Trends In Wedding Decor

There is nothing quite like flowers to turn any occasion beautiful. This is especially when it comes to a wedding. You can’t go wrong with them as they are plenty of ways in which they can be incorporated in your wedding décor. A stunning way to do this is through a flower wall. With wedding trends always evolving, it can be difficult to decide on what to go with.

Here are some flower wall designs that can inspire your choice.

Monochromatic Flower Wall

If you are looking for a bit of color, but not too much of it, then a monochromatic flower wall is always a great wat to go. One way to incorporate a monochromatic flower wall at your wedding is through the classic all-white flower wall. This is one that has been made purely of white flowers. It brings out the theme of purity to match the wedding gown. As such, it will make a good backdrop for the couple as they take their vows. This can be accompanied with white seats and with some aisle lining flowers to add to the effect.

Monochromatic flower walls can take on other colors as well. You can go bold with an all-red flower wall to bring out a theme of love which is perfect for a wedding. Monochromatic flower walls are easy to design as you do not have to match many colors. Also, you can add some greenery to give the colors a break.

Colorful Flower Wall

Alternatively, if you are a colorful person, then do not be afraid to go all out with a colorful flower wall. Here, you are at liberty to mix and match flowers of different colors. You can also have an assortment of different flowers to give it a nice contrasting effect. Choose whether to fill the flower wall with flowers alone or include some greenery calm it down a notch. Either way, it will make a vibrant piece that will add life to your wedding.

If you do not want it to be too bright, you can have colorful flowers sparsely spread on a moss-filled flower wall. Whichever colors you choose to include in your colorful flower wall, you need to ensure that they match those on the wedding color scheme.

Personalized Flower Walls

One way to make your flower wall stand out is by having it personalized. This kind of flower wall can serve the purpose of being both a decorative piece as well as a name sign. This is because most of the time, wedding flower walls are personalized with the couple’s names. For this reason, they make wonderful backdrops for the ceremony or reception entrance as well as the sweetheart table.

You can have a flower wall with a colorful flower border and the middle left plainly green. Here, light up letters can be used to spell out the couple’s name. Metallic letters can also be used for the same. Initials can also be used instead of full names. For this, you can use flowers with a different color from the rest to spell it out.

Flower Walls with Patterns

Instead of having the flowers randomly placed on the flower wall, they can be arranged in a way that they take on various patterns. Green moss can be used as the background on which the flower patterns are to be placed. This is a unique flower wall idea that will make your wedding décor stand out. You can have one with crisscrossing flower lines to come up with line patterns. This will make a wonderful stage backdrop from where the band will be performing. You can also have the same at the reception and add an arched opening in the middle. You can also have the patterns take on various shapes such as love hearts.

Arched Flower Wall

Instead of a typical box flower wall, you can go with an arched one instead. This will look especially well with a lot of greenery. However, you can still choose to use more of the flowers. A white arched flower wall will work perfectly as a ceremony arch for both an indoor and an outdoor wedding. This can be connected to aisle lining flowers to give a sense of continuity. An arched flower wall will also look great at the entrance of either the ceremony or reception. Make the greenery extend to the ground to give it a wild and natural look.

You can never have too many flowers at a wedding. You should therefore go ahead and get that flower wall for your wedding décor. With many designs available, you can be assured of getting something to suit your style and preference.