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5 Ways To Make Your Brand Stand Out With Photo Booths

Photo booths are a great way to stir fun in your events. This is where people would go to make the event memorable with fun & goofy pictures. With tonnes of photo booth ideas, you can take advantage of it and make your brand stand out.

If you’re wondering how, then here are some ideas:

Customizing Your Photo Booth Backgrounds

Did you know? The big banner that you use as a background of your photo booth can be fully branded. “Step and Repeat”, does it ring any bells? If not, and in case you are new to this, you most probably would be familiar with the Step & Repeat backdrops they have at the red carpet events. If you have seen one, the “Step & Repeat” backgrounds typically show event logos & sponsor logos that are stepped & repeated on a fabric or vinyl printed backdrop.

So, when people take their pictures taken in the photo booth with the branded background, your logo will all over be the picture! Next time when they show their pictures to someone or upload them on their social media, people will know your brand’s logo (and of course the name too).

Fun Giveaway Is Always Worth Sharing

Giving out brochures at events was a successful way of getting your product seen or heard, but now they are most likely to end up in a trash can. On the contrary, no one forgets happy & fun moments they shared during the corporate events or any other events. So, what is a better way to help them capture their best moments at the event than to let them capture happy, goofy, fun pictures in photo booths? Not only will they get their memories printed, but your brand will be attached to their happy & fun memories! And there’s no branding compared to the one attached to someone’s happy memories!

What’s best is that they can receive an email with their photo, prompting them to check out your products. This will also help you earn a legit email ID, building your email list.

Creating Real-Time Awareness About Your Brand

There’s no match for how much a live event can attract attention. But, airing it to create brand awareness can be more costly than you think. This is where the photo booth comes in! You can get a customized photo booth backdrop with catchy hashtags or funky props.

When people snap pictures in the photo booth and decide to share them on social media, it can attract some really nice audience for your brand. And imagine the kind of brand awareness you will achieve!

Your Backdrop is a Pop-up Billboard

Imagine, you have about 8 ft wide & 8 ft tall photo booth backdrop, all covered by your brand’s logo, giving your brand paramount visibility in the event. Everyone present in the event will notice your fun photo booth and will come to take pictures in it.

Every photograph that is clicked in the photo booth will also capture the backdrop, which has the logo of your brand in it. You wouldn’t just have logos on the photo booth backdrop, but every picture will have a watermark of your logo!

Now think about it, people will be taking photos in your branded photo booth and uploading those pictures on their social media profiles, think about the free publicity you will get!

Logo On Photo Strips

Get creative with the print layouts of the pictures, and make it so that it represents your brand! Match it with the style, colors, and maybe the swag of your brand.

And not only that but you can also get your logos printed on the photo strips! This will become like a footnote for the people, letting them discover your brand. You can go a little overboard and maybe put your company’s social media handle printed on them, so when they upload it on social media, they can easily tag you! This will create astonishing brand awareness to a larger audience.

To Sum It Up

These were some ideas to help you boost your brand awareness with a photo booth. So, next time you hold any event, keep a customized or branded photo booth backdrop in your checklist.