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Brilliant Ways To Use Flower Walls At Your Wedding!

Flowers are synonymous with Weddings understandably so, with flowers being every damsel’s closest companion. So, you can have a pot- shot that a flower inspired wedding or to top it all, a flower wall is something that you can add to the wedding decoration for an upgraded look. Thus, it all trickles down to one essential that a marriage with a flower wall is “some” marriage after all.

A trend-setting flower embedded wall has all the ingredients of a luxurious canvas with floral tributes. Floral decorations stretches everyones imagination to flushing meadows decked with floral tributes that are breathtakingly beautiful with exquisite floral notes spent in every perfume worth its penny.

A flower wall turns any photographer go trigger-happy clicking selfies and photos with rare abandon with the flower wall as the backdrop. A cluster of flowers bunched together in a wall is so ethereal serving as a talking point for every visitor.

Let’s accessorize them:

A Flower Wall with bucketful of pink:

This color, pink exudes charm and is the bride’s lucky charm whether she opts for it or not and the best photographs are set against this backdrop. This glams up the nuptial quotient. The color pink sets hearts aflutter and is worth a thousand selfies.

Floral Delight:

A plethora of celebrated flowers bunched together can be so overwhelming to indulge your deepest olfactory senses and ramp up your visual delight, being one of the chief factors to albeit gain prominence for the wedding and for being the most picturesque wedding in recent times.

Whites Hues:

A floral backdrop of white color hues spells lavishness with the majestic whites not to be blamed for its sophisticated backdrop of floral whites flower wall. There is a certain magical quality to pristine whites adorned with pastel hued flowers to indulge the senses that serves as an enigmatic whites flower wall.

Red Carnations:

Against a backdrop of light red carnations that stand for admiration, it points to the legacy of the marriage that has been coming down from ages and added to carnations, an abundance of anthurium that symbolizes happiness and hospitality takes the cake.

Wrapping Up:

Another eye catching prop used was the floral getup at the dais. Here the bride and bride groom are caught exchanging lovey-dovey looks only to be sworn in eternal ties for the rest of their lives. The stage can also be donned with pretty bouquet of flowers and graceful lanterns with small candles adding to the charm.

Flower walls are also a great way to import the outside ambience indoors especially if you and your fiancé love the scenic outdoors but are hosting an indoor celebration.