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Now that the date is fixed and you’ve found the most impassioned man of your dreams, it’s time you find someone who captures the most memorable events of your life in its truest essence i.e. a great wedding videographer! Hiring the best wedding videographers and recording your special day infinitely enthused with your most magical moments is easier said than done. Especially when you have a pool of exciting options available at your command, it gets difficult to cherry-pick just one. While there may be one who has a big name in the industry and expertise in bridal landscapes,, there’ll be others who have little recognition yet have such impressive portfolios & a flair for shooting amazing videos. Now the trickiest part is how you do decide who is the perfect one for you?

Well, that’s what we’re here for! To help you know how to hire the best wedding videographer for yourself, we’ve put up a complete hiring guide. Pan through and make the most of it!

For wedding videographers. Storytelling is at the bottom of it all. It’s a very important task and part of a wedding. Why? We’re filming every special moment, a smile, laughter and every nuance you want to be able to remember forever. I’m not trying to sell you on hiring us to be your videographers. However, there should be a criterion for hiring videographers and it would be in your best interests if you knew the importance of having a videographer at your wedding.

The Kind of Wedding Videography You Desire


  • The idea behind cinematic videography is quite thrilling to say the least and is similar to candid photography.
  • It involves more creativity & a penchant for storytelling in documenting the events.
  • It tends to capture the wedding, its infallible star cast (you & important people) and surrounding emotions in a 20-40 minute video.
  • This type of videography requires specific equipment, cameras, drones and technical knowhow.
  • It is a costly affair.


  • Traditional Videography is one of the oldest and trusted forms of videography.
  • It involves less creativity besides tracking every single minute of the event.
  • In the case of traditional videography, the entire wedding function is filmed for at least 2-3 hours.
  • This type of videography requires in essence a typical video camera and some basic equipment to shoot continuously
  • A traditional video costs less.

Emotion. Sound. Movement. The various nuances that make a moment come alive in High Definition (HD quality) on celluloid capturing those moments that can’t be iterated ever again! A video that takes you back in time to your first sight in romance and gets you back in reality with a soft thud to your wedding day is truly worth reminiscing

Weddings are poignantly different than a fun birthday party on a home video camera. They’re different than a cute kid dancing to a Katy Perry on your iPhone. They usually happen once. And let’s face it; your sweet neighbor isn’t a professional wedding videographer. He doesn’t have the experience in professional videography with more amateur like skills and all that photo-bombing which will be quite flustering to him. Checking, and trouble-shooting the way a professional does will be all alien to the ignorant amateur friend.

Hire a professional, ladies and gents. It’ll be all the difference between having a truly memorable impression of your wedding day that will last forever than an instagram video that you might forget about in a couple of weeks. It’s a worthwhile investment that you won’t regret.