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You’re Engaged, What is Your Next Big Step?

You’re engaged and will be tying the knot soon. You stand committed to the love of your life. So soak in the feeling of adrenaline when your partner proposes and would wish to shout the news out loud to all and sundry. The eclectic news is enough to put every other thing in shade.In this hyper-connected life, you may never get a moment so magical and mushy that it may seems unreal at first. But you need to brush off the wave of happiness and get ready for the next big steps that you need to take before the big day. These are the next big steps you should be taking to prepare yourself for the big day.

Tell your Parents:

They have been there by your side from day one since you were a toddler and later through the teens when you had many crushes and heartburn, your parents were there through thick and thin.

Call your relatives:

They are family to you so don’t go texting online and it would be better if you broke open the news to them verbally and in person. Onee you are done with spreading the news to your parents and relatives, head to social media with the more than perfect engagement post.


Celebrate in true style with friends and well-wishers and throw a bachelor’s party in town inviting your close friends in a small but unobtrusive way. Deck the venue with light up letters to show that you are seriously in love with light up heart symbols. Let there be drinks flowing and a full fledged bar with light up letters showing the guests around.

Choose Your Venue:

Wedding venues will be getting booked faster than a freight train so this is the first thing you need to cross of your checklist. You also should choose a wedding venue that aligns with the theme of the wedding party. A traditional Church? An elegant hotel? An outdoor ceremony.

Tick a Date:

You could be wishing to get married on a mutually chosen date such as your grandparents anniversary date. A lenient date can make you search for a venue that fits in with your dreams and invite as many guests to make it larger than life offers.

Try the ring for size:

You can try on your ring and see if it fits for this ring is going to be with you for the rest of your life.

Make a blog:

Even though you will not tire yourself from sharing the marriage details with one and all, wedding blogs are extremely handy for posting wedding and reception details and updating everyone on how excited and nervous like a six year old child you are.

Make a rough sketch of the list of invitees:

Make a draft of the invitee list and put it down on paper while you pin the final count. You can roughly anticipate the venue charges per person depending on its maximum capacity and the charges per head. If your parents are footing the bill you might as well have their inputs on it.