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Where Should you Place Light up Letters to Create A Perfect Wedding?

Where should you Place Light up Letters to Create A Perfect Wedding?

Amusing little trends are happening in weddings; however, one of the beautiful decoration ideas is light up letters. There are so many methods you can use Letter lighting fixtures – they’re excellent for making a statement backdrop for the table, look brilliant perched by the side of the dance floor or cake table and will make an elegant point that everyone would love to take pictures with them. Here are a few ideas where you should place light up letters to create a perfect wedding.

In front of the cake

With the beautiful and giant two or maybe three tiers cake, you must place giant light up letters of you and your soulmate’s initials to give an impressive look to a simple cake.

Guide to the bar

Who doesn’t love free drinks at a wedding? Of course, everyone does. Light up your bar with the large letters by displaying them in front of the bar to let everyone know where the free drinks are.

Have fun with letters

Put up the light up letters to make a backdrop for the cute photo session where Mr. and Mrs. could get pictures clicked along with bridesmaids and best men.

Fun with floral

You can also design the letters with some aesthetics such as flowers, handmade origami, and some other decorative items.

The backdrop for dinner

Place the light up letters as a backdrop where you are going to have dinner as it will give a romantic feeling with an elegant and classic appearance to woo the guests.

Magical dance floor

The main attraction of the evening is the dance floor so, put some letters there, or you can also highlight your wedding hashtag by doing so.

Dress up the dessert table

A dessert table looks good anyway but by adding giant light up letters on the table; your guests will get even more attracted to that and will keep coming for more dessert (just to look at the beautiful aesthetics).

Display your new names

What could be better than this? You can announce your love and new names in front of your friends and family in a grand way. Place them in front of your dinner/lunch table and declare your love for each other to everyone.

Create an impressive entrance

Place the beautiful big light up letters at the door to make guests feel welcomed. Along with that, it will also create a good impression on them.

Light up the night while staying indoors

If you have an after-party dinner and you want to make that look romantic, use giant letters in the dining hall so that when they shine, they give a cozy and sensational feeling.

Or put them outdoors

Putting the light up letters outdoor gives a fresh and vibrant feeling. For example, your wedding takes place in an open garden area, placing them there under the stars will look attractive to everyone especially to you; you can start your happily ever after with light up letters that show your love for your partner.

Be prepared to place such beautiful aesthetics in your wedding venue as you won’t need much decoration if you have the light up letters because they are enough to light up your evening and the rest of your life.