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Light Up Letters: Wedding Decor That Can’t Go Unnoticed!

Giant light up letters that stand rooted at the venue entrance has a unique way with guests who seem to be thronging to the venue by the minute. The light up letters can be transfixed with the couple’s initials which means the bride and bridegrooms initials that can be included in the wedding ceremony with a huge heart shaped sign placed next to the light up letters. The heart shaped light up letter sends out a unique glow passing through the foyer and bathing the guests in this mesmerising light.

Light Up Letters from inlight studios have become synonymous with the ultimate in lighting luxury swathing the entire venue with eclectic lights sending goosebumps down the spine. If it hadn’t been for light up letters to come and shower lights up and beyond on the marriage occasion, there would not be any photo booth selfies to gossip about, no light up letters across the dance venue and so no strobe lights accompanying Light Up Letters playing to capture the enigmatic couples, queuing guests and rein in the biggest event of the day today.

A Mention of the dance along the corridors had each guest bathed in light up letters swooning across to the magical numbers of Bollywood. This hit paradee set against the backdrop of light up gigantic heart shaped letter that went on till late in the night had the seated guests foot-tapping to the popular nostalgic numbers as well.

Were it not for the light up letters from inlight studios, there would have been deserted streets, but rather welcome today, the light up letters made alive today and buoyed by thronging guests and lively music and guests living it up! Such was the spirit of revelry that one would not be faulted not to sing praises of the light up letters from inlight studios to which the day in all splendor actually belonged. The day finally belonged to light up letters decor that was simply astounding, to say the least. Each pillar in the wedding hall was fashioned in decor that had big light up letters reclining against the pillars that would hardly go unnoticed even for a brief spell.

The in-house bar had a cute little placard with arrows placed and light up letters directing guests to snatch a pint or two in the frenzy of the party. It wasn’t as if the chandeliers in the wedding hall did not strike as impressive fetching a glance or two from guests but light up letters had infused too much rhythm and song filled decor that was miles ahead of the staid chandeliers gracing the show.

Open air lighting can be a runaway success with flora and fauna also taking part in the fun and mirth of the wedding. Open air settings can be completely delighted with a great climate and an awesome scenery. Trees can be showered with light up letters and amidst falling petals and leaves, the guests will naturally flow with the happenings and clicking awesome photographs next to the bright sunlit decors of light up letters by in light studios.