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How to Select & Style Wedding Love Letters?

How to Select & Style Wedding Love Letters?


If you are ready to layout an assertion in your occasion, look no more because here is a guide for you on how to select and style wedding love letters to be in the spotlight and have a wedding that you will never forget. And to do that, you just have to observe these easy steps and interpret on them:

    1. How to select the light letters?

      There are a wide range of marquee light series which consist of all capital letters and numbers as well as (&) ampersands, exclamation marks (!), question marks (?) and also hashtags (#). The love letters can be made from different material such as a durable timber, metal flashing, and even handmade cardboard and they are given a finished look with white paint for a glossy and bright end or various other colors according to your preferences.

      Each light stands at different length that depends on what height does a buyer want. However, the standard size is 4 feet along with 2 to 3 feet wideness. So, it is crucial as you must plan on three ft of ground space in keeping with letters when thinking about which place to put them in your floor plan. Or choose the size that fits in your floor plan.


    2. Selecting the bulb style

      After choosing the letters, it comes to styling them as you can choose from various alternatives of lights available in unique shapes such as:


      • Starlight – For a shiny and diffused look, pick out the 8-watt bright starlight bulbs to make the letters look extra sparkly and subtle.

      • Globe – In case you decide on a vivid and bold show, pick out the 15-watt clean globe bulbs as their light is bright but in an attractive way.

      • Shades – If colors are your factor, pick from blue, crimson, green, purple, amber or yellow or mix them collectively and they are to be had in each starlight and globe patterns.

    4. Be extra so choose extra

      Now that you are done with the bulbs; it is time to decide on the shape of the love letters you want to highlight in your wedding. To do that, you can choose from the following forms and designs.


    5. Love in floral shape

      You can create a floral shaped love by imagining a blend of flower partitions and marquee letters. Silk roses and unique flowers in the colors of creamy and blush fade from densely packed on the pinnacle to more significant in moderation positioned at the lowest, letting great boxwood greenery show to display. These can be specifically designed to accompany daytime wedding ceremonies and for folks that decide upon greenery and flora to lights.


    6. Heart shape

      Make it 4 to 5 feet tall in length so that the heart marquee light may be displayed via itself as a highlighted piece or included with different marquee lighting fixtures.


    7. Small MR. & MRS. shapes

      Mirroring the layout of the 4 to 5 feet marquee lighting, however, make it standing just underneath two feet tall, the Small MR&MRS can be mainly designed to be shown with the bride and groom’s shared surname or by placing it on a desk or shelf.


It was our guide for you to let you know the basic of choosing and styling the right marquee letters for your wedding.