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3 Unique Wedding Venue in NSW, you’ll love

Sydney – the capital city of New South Wales and the biggest city in the expanse of Australia – gives what appears to be an interminable inventory of wedding scene choices.

In the event that you’ve chosen to get hitched in this far reaching and dynamic city, you may have a hard time browsing the extensive lowdown of first class wedding areas.

Look at the rundown beneath for limited alternatives that you can’t turn out badly with!


Here is one of Sydney’s best kept little secret and it makes a genuinely extraordinary wedding setting!

Concealed right in the nucleus of Centennial Park is the Centennial Homestead.

This stunning wedding area offers different spaces both inside and outside for you to look over for both your wedding function and gathering. Spaces can oblige up to 1000 visitors now and again.

Whichever space you pick, you’ll end up encompassed by wispy fields of long grasses, moving green gardens, and a horde of lakes and lakes to help lock in that astonishing tranquil inclination you’ll discover all through the grounds.

The accomplished occasions group will assist you with each choice that should be made to help diminish your pressure and guarantee everything goes off easily.


The stunningly excellent Lauriston House Function Center is an astonishing decision for your wedding function and gathering of up to a sizeable 350 visitors. It was constructed more than 100 years back in 1877.

The heritage structure for a memorable wedding scene can be found in Dundas Valley, New South Wales. Singular highlights help give a warm and welcome feel for you and your visitors.

Things like a private marriage room, striking open chimneys, a conventional feasting region with dance floor, and even a stunning parlor region are only a minute slice of the things you can anticipate from this first class Sydney wedding setting.

You can have your ideal gathering inside the Lauriston House after an exceptional wedding function in the ground’s blossoming gardens.


For a genuinely out of the blue wedding, consider the Taronga Center in Mosman, New South Wales. As a major aspect of Sydney’s Taronga Zoo, you and your visitors will have a one of a kind and specific experience like no other!

Contingent upon your picked space at Taronga Center, you can have a cozy function with as not many as 15 visitors or an excellent occasion with upwards of 2000 individuals.

You have huge amounts of alternatives when you decide to have your wedding at Taronga Center.

Remember the astounding scenic views of notorious Sydney’s legendary places like the Sydney Opera House, the Harbor Bridge, the Sydney horizon, and even the zoo grounds. Bringing together style and complexity with a fair amount of surprise is the ideal method to have a genuinely memorable wedding day!

Winding Up:

This was a relative low down on the most picturesque locations in the heart of Sydney capital of NSW that we had a gander at. Co-existing in the most romantic setting in the well-furnished rooms at the banquet hall, you are sure not to miss out on a thing, soaking in the beauty of the three landmark wedding points mentioned above.