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Light Up Letters For Your Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

Nothing is more exciting than planning a birthday party. It gets more interesting if that person is close to you. Be it your best friend, husband, or your child. Many new parents get really excited about their child’s first birthday party. They think of all the amazing things that can be done on that day to make it memorable for themselves as well as the baby.

When the baby gets one year old, he/she finally starts to understand a little bit. They smile, laugh, cry, and show a lot of other emotions. They get excited by looking at colors or things that make a sound. They get amazed by things that glow, for example, flickering light or a lamp by the bedpost. Therefore, while planning for a baby’s first birthday party we need to take care of a lot of things. We need to get stuff that might excite the baby and make him/her smile or laugh or at least keep engaged while others enjoy their bit!

There are a lot of things that can be done on a baby’s first birthday party like:

1. Keeping the party environment baby-friendly.
2. Choose a party theme like cartoons or something.
3. The decorations should be bright.
4. Two colorful cakes: a smash cake and the main cake
5. A lot of balloons and chocolates for the kids.
6. Light music in the background.
7. A bunch of fun games.

Talking about the bright decorations, a lot of people insist on using the light up letters. The light-up letters are just big size English alphabets with lights on them that make them glow. They are the best choice when it comes to the decoration of parties for kids. Following are the benefits of having the light up letters on the birthday party of your baby:

1. They are bright. They glow and might amaze the baby.
2. They are really attractive and make the ambiance even better.
3. They can be found online and at decoration shops.
4. You can get them at a very reasonable price.
5. You can spell anything with them. Like ‘happy birthday’ or the name of your child.
6. They are very beautiful to take pictures with them in the background.
7. You can place them on the floor, table, or also hang them on the walls.
8. They are battery powered and so no tension of hanging or lying wires.
9. They are available in many different sizes.
10. They are available in various colors.
11. They are really eye-catching.
12. They are light in weight and easy to carry.
13. After the party, they can be used as night lamps in the bedrooms.
14. You can reuse them at festivals like Thanksgiving, Halloween or Christmas.
15. They are available in different materials like plastic, silver metals, etc.
16. They are a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ product and hence can be used without any professional help.
17. They are not harmful in anyways to the kids.
18. You can later use those letters to teach your kids the English alphabet.
19. They are available at the lowest prices on shopping websites.

Lights, flowers, normal balloons, foil balloons, ribbons, etc are the most preferred items for decoration of a place for parties. But we need bright and glowing stuff if we are hosting a party for the kids or babies of a very young age. After the use of the light up letters in the parties, they can be used as home decor for styling your houses.

Light up letters are also called as Marquee light up letters or LED alphabets or LED night lights. They are available on most of the online shopping websites.

You can spell ‘Happy Birthday’ and stick them on the wall using a very strong adhesive. They won’t fall as they are light in weight. They can be placed on the tables. One can spell the name of the birthday baby using those letters and let the baby play around it to get them clicked by the photographers for amazing pictures.


Light up letters can really light up your mood. Who doesn’t like lights? People are afraid of the dark but they love lights. Twinkling and sparkling lights are the kids’ favorite lights. They love looking at the stars up above in the sky and they would definitely love the glow up letters down on earth in their rooms!