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How To Use Festoon Lightings Like A Professional

A festoon basically refers to the string or chain of flowers, ribbons, foliage, etc suspended in a curve between two points. Festoon lights are the lighting by festoons of electric lamps wired to a cable. These lights are also called as party lights or cafe lights. The word Festoon is derived from the Latin word ‘festum’ which literally means feast.

These lights are generally used for decoration purposes. Like, for decorating a wedding chapel or a garden restaurant. They can also be used at home to decorate a corner or a room for a birthday party.

Lights and flowers have this ability to change a person’s mood by making a place look beautiful and alluring. They say a lot about a place’s ambiance. People tend to choose places that have perfect lighting and decoration.

Festoon lightingcan be used in a lot of ways. Some of them are:

1. You can use festoon lights to decorate your cafe. With the wooden floor and the attractive walls, the lights would just add more charm to the ambiance.
2. Festoon lights can be used during festivals like Christmas and New Year to decorate our homes and balconies.
3. Festoon lights can be used in churches or to decorate the wedding chapel.
4. Festoon lights can be used to decorate a part of your room to make it look more lively.
5. Festoon lights can be used in flee markets or concerts.
6. Festoon lights can be used to decorate a selfie corner for parties or college fests.
7. They can also be used to decorate the dining halls for guests or for having dinner with your loved one.
8. We can decorate the plants or trees at our home with the festoon lights.

There are power options also available for the festoon lights like:

Solar panel powered festoon lights

Battery-powered festoon lights

Mains powered festoon lights

Festoon lights create an instant warm and inviting atmosphere wherever they are used, be it gardens, cafes, or balconies.

All of the lighting outlets festoons are ‘Do It Yourself’ plug and play. Anyone can easily connect and use them. No professional or electrician is required to place them. You just have to find the best place and the best way to place or hang them. They are also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about them during rainfalls.

One can buy these festoon lights on the internet by online shopping and that too at a very reasonable price. They are of a length of ten to twenty meters. The following are the different types of festoon lights that you can buy online:

1. Bright white festoon lights
2. Warm glow festoon lights
3. Rainbow festoon lights
4. Festoon lights kit filament bulbs
5. Festoon LED lighting filament bulbs
6. Festoon LED lighting filament bulbs low voltage
7. Hanging black incandescent globes
8. Frosted fancy round globes
9. Pear carbon filament globes
10. Pear LED globes
11. Multicolored festoon lighting
12. Festoon lighting cage accessory
13. You can also buy remote-controlled festoon globe fairly lights
14. Heofean festoon string lights
15. Outdoor retro festoon lights
16. LED combined solar and battery-powered festoon lights
17. Vintage glass jar LED fairy festoon lights

After choosing the type of lights that you want to hang, you will require some materials to hang them properly like a professional. Below are the tools that will be required by you:

1. Measuring tapes
2. Ladder
3. A pencil or a pen
4. Scissors
5. Cable ties and copper wires
6. Drill
7. Wire rope

Given below are the steps that you need to follow to put the lights up.

1. All you need to do is decide where you are going to put or hang the lights.
2. Firstly, take the wire and cut it according to the length of the place where you want to hang the lights.
3. Make loops at both ends of the wire and hang the wire straight from one end to the other.
4. With a pen or a pencil mark equal distanced dots on the wire.
5. After putting the wire, hang the lights leaving a proper distance between each of the arcs/curves according to the marked dots.
6. Now, connect the plug and switch it on.
7. The place is ready. Once it gets dark, the effects will look magnificent.

In conclusion, the festoon lights are the best choice when it comes to the indoor or outdoor decoration of your cafes, garden, balconies, rooms, for parties or college fests. They create a great ambiance and make one want to stay at a place longer. They are alluring to the eyes and very easy to hang. Just choose, hang, connect and the place is ready to glow like a paradise filled with fireflies!