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7 Fun Ways To Use Light Up Letters In Your College Fest

Come September and there begins the college fest! It is a kind of ritual that happens every year and students gather in droves. All are dressed in flashy garments and girls are heavily made-up as like never before. It is this event where the glamour quotient is very high with professors, teachers and students making up for the lost camaraderie between them. Since the fest is held on the university campus, there is no decorum but only music and fun games.

Come darkness, the light up letters stand jostling with the students to be noticed above the din of cheering crowds. Had it not been for the light up letters making their presence felt everywhere with titillating lights, there would have been a kind of hush and no bonhomie inside the fest venue. You would be thrilled to pieces when you see your college welcoming you with light-up letters Sydney taking pole position at the entrance in huge appealing cut-outs of the extravaganza lined up for you inside the fest.

The light up letters Sydney have never been more tantalizing than ever before and there are some events lined up with light-up letters as the central theme in the making. There is a special kiosk that has signature light up letters in full glory.

Unusual Hangings:

You can hang anything upside down and when you do it with dancing light up letters, it is giving creativity a twist and a moment of pride for light up letters. The carelessly tossed down light up letters swaying in the cool breeze and lighting up the interiors with a signature theme is fully appreciated.

Paper Chandeliers:

When you have a multitude of paper chains as hung and thrown frivolously from the top in a cluster, they make for a special chandelier-like effect. What if this was done with light up letters, it will look like a moonlit tavern out there with paper-lit chandelier all over the place.

Fabric nests:

Fabric cocoons coming out of nowhere signals the light up letters that are lighting the cocoons and adding to the ethereal stuff out of the blue in a teardrop effect and used overhead or on stage.

Travel Destinations:

A giant shipping crate with larger than life number plates of different states pasted on them could give credibility on social media with rave reviews and likes. Of course, all this would be listless without light up letters illuminating the stage.

Cascading Windows:

You can create a window on each stair and tucked in behind the previous window giving the effect of a mirror and the effect can be highlighted with a Light-up Letter for added clarity and visual effect.


Creating a skyscraper as a backdrop on stage gives a familiar feel, albeit this time it has light up letters hanging from the ceiling to add to the joie-de vivre.


One spotlight finds the speaker squarely planted in the doorway and a multitude of spotlights meander across a zig-zag lit pattern creating a breathtaking visual.