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Let’s celebrate the language of love and what better way to express this love than with festoon lighting. They are more expressive than a thousand smiles. There is more to an occasion than mere play of words. An occasion can be glorified by stringing lights together on a wire and dangling them on walls, flinging them on the trees or bamboo posts, and having the place immersed in swathes of lights. Well, this is one of the ways festoon lighting drums up wonders. Speaking of festive air so synonymous with festoon lighting, it rekindles joyous moments and bestows light upon mortals with thousands of bulbs strung together on a measly wire that brings glory to this earth, lifting the world from pits of sardonic gloom with peals of love, mirth and laughter.

4 ways festoon lighting spice up the decoration includes

1 Hall Notoriety:

String together a garland of lights that will bathe the house in a glow of its own. Suspend it high and low and have them go around the entire room splicing every corner of the room with rays of light.

Piecing together a string of lights on either wall will throw the house in a pool of light that splashes on the foyer, porch or patio with a light beam that swing to and fro, high and low. The hyperbole of mesmerizing lights will add a dash of elegance to the room and weave magic and that’s what the aim is. A playful elegance is what the lights muster swathed in rainbow colors if the occasion demands it.

2 Bedroom Décor:

If illumination is in your minds, then this is not what festoon lights are here for because these lights hone in on the décor of rooms and are at best when used as décor elements. The festoon lights can turn your house into a mushy-mushy romantic heartland. Bedroom lighting envelops your room in a spectacle of light where lovers profess their love for each other. The festoon lighting or string lighting helps you to unwind from the monotonous routines of the day and bring untold joy to the occupants.

3 Arty outdoors:

Flatter your guests to the hilt with panache. Festoon lights here too will set the pace of things to follow and stringing them overhead in your garden will script a winning aura of lights basking in every piecemeal corner of the garden underneath the starry moonlit sky. That has the effect of bringing around epic waves of nostalgia as the lights zigzag their way across the room.

4 Center of Attraction:

This is how rooms should look brighter by the day and as bright by night using festoon lighting strung up as a bed stand to make a head-turning moment that brings moods alive and adding functionality to the décor.

Teenager’s rooms can put the festoon lights to good use with all other lights switched off and being the only source of light that is there. This surrounds the room with a magical incandescence giving warmth of its own or hangs it near the bed with the bed stand as the attractive focal point of the room.